Books by Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa
Complete Book Collection on Data CD

This is the first time that the complete set of Dr. Rampa's works have been presented on CD. The CD comprises 19 of Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa's books, 4 by his Wife Mama San RA-AB Rampa, and also his book My Visit To Venus which was originally written as a magazine article.

All the books are on one CD and are in Data format (Word documents) and are only viewable on your computer. If you would like to listen to them, here is a link for a free Text-To-Voice Reader - Natural Reader.

A second CD is a free bonus to the buyer of the above data cd and consists of 3 audiotracks of Lobsang Rampa teaching about Prayer and Meditation. These are recordings of Lobsang Rampa's voice, from radio interviews in the late 60's. You can listen to this CD on computer, or in your home or car stereo.

Track #1 Prayer - how to pray and what prayer can achieve.

Track # 2 Meditation Part One - explaining meditation and contemplation.

Track # 3 Meditation Part Two - methods of meditation and their benefits.

The price for both CDs (including the free bonus audio CD) is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling within the US and $7.00 S&H to anywhere in the rest of the world.

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