Books by Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa
7 CD Audiobook sets &
Complete Book Collection on Data CD

Frequently Asked Questions about these products:

#1. Can I listen to the data book collection CD of all Dr. Rampa's books on my home or car CD system?

No, the databook CD comprises all Dr. Rampa'a books written in Word format. They can be viewed on your computer screen, either Windows or Mac, or listened to with Natural Reader which is available for free download. They cannot be played on your home or car CD system.

#2. Okay, gotcha. But I can listen to the free bonus CD of Dr. Rampa teaching which accompanies the databook CD, on my home or car CD system?

Yes you can, this is an authentic recording of Dr. Rampa teaching about meditation and prayer in wav format.

#3. The single MP3 format CD audiobooks can be played on any CD music system, on my computer, home hi-fi or in-car system?

That's right, anywhere you can play a regular audio CD, you can hear Dr. Rampa's books read to you by a pleasant female voice. Enjoy!

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